Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Seduction...I Show You How To Do This Son!!!

The following post comes from guest contributor Mr. Smith. He's going to break down the art of getting that unattainable chick. Please direct all praise or disgust to Mr. Smith...


Ladies and Gentlemen gather around…Like BIGGIE I've got a story to tell…A story we will call SEDUCTION. I'm sure the title has women mad at me…BUT now that I have you undivided ATTENTION, let's get into it… WOMEN if you apply these principles you too can have any MAN you want.

FIRST Lesson… this dance is not your classic romance movie, it's WAR, and this beautiful lady is a castle that has to be sieged as carefully as any army general. Every step has to be planned and executed with the utmost attention to detail and nuance.

First ACTION… approach the women with a bit of distance and air of nonchalance. Next time together confide in her as would a friend not a potential lover. THIS will throw her off the scent.

SECOND Lesson… Once the woman is confused make her jealous.

Second ACTION…At the next major function showe up with a beautiful lady. Beautiful women usually have equally beautiful friends. Wherever you are seen, be surrounded by BEAUTIFUL women. The young lady will not just be seething with jealously but will see you are someone that others desire. This gives you instant value and will make it that much more satisfying to snatch you from their clutches.

THIRD Lesson…Once she's jealous MESMERIZE her.

Third ACTION… Fail to show up at affairs where she is expected to see you. Then, suddenly, appear at places you have never frequented before, but where she will be in attendance. This will push HER to a state of emotional CONFUSION that is a prerequisite for successful seduction.

She will begin to laugh harder at your jokes and listen to your stories more closely. She will begin to ask others questions about you. THESE moves will take several weeks or even months, but the CASTLE walls will fall.

At some point during this SEDUCTION, you may be tempted but do NOT give into frivolous impulses to tell her that you LOVE her. This will ONLY break the spell. Wherever this encounter leads, she will love the ADVENTURE. If you play it right, and long enough, she will be yours.
Is he on the money or do you have better insight into what it takes to get that person you're after? They say that dating is a game. Is it really? Is there a set of rules to follow or politics involved? Or is the trick in simply being yourself? What are your thoughts? Do share.


kim said...

NIGGA PLEASE!!! Be yourself! There is not a set of rules to follow to get somebody.

That DEFINATELY would not work on me. We can see through that and know that you are running game.

If we want you, we know it within the first minute of you opening your mouth. All you have to do at that point is carry on a decent conversation and don't say anything too stupid. LOL!!!

All that strategizing ain't necessary.

Rell said...

mr. smith,

i'll hit you up in a week and let you know.

That was hillarious -- i was bugging.

A Beautiful Life said...

If you have to plan to act like you have a life in order to make someone jealous then you need to get a life. Games and jealousy don't work in the end. I just don't think his game works. LOL!

Brandon said...

I hear you ladies, but let's keep it REALLY real. Even though reading a manual to seduce somebody comes off as wack, you've got to admit that in a real situation (albeit unplanned and without motive), this type of behavior actually attracts a lot of women (and men).

Personally, some of the women (insert a single digit number here because I'm not a pimp like that) in the past that were strongly attracted to me admitted that it was because many of the kind of things Mr. Smith mentioned in his post, even though I had no intention of knowingly projecting those characteristics.

Both men and women alike desire people who they think are desired by others, who present a challenge in gaining attention, and who stand out in a crowd, at least initially. But let's keep in mind that this only gains short term results. You have to have substance to make it last.

I'm not condoning that men go out and purposely deceive women to attract them, but I'd be lying if I said that I didn't think that there is some validity to Mr. Smith's reasoning.

Even in playing wingman with friends a few times, it amazes me how some are attracted to this sort of thing.

Gene said...

We all know that applying any general plan to a group as diverse as females is bound to fail. :)

The Chairman said...

Well ladies and gents this past weekend I set out to prove my theory.
Setting: Me and my business partner hosted a group of friends at bar and club kicking off another company.

Plan: Two of the 8 invited women will join us after the club for chocolate cake and red wine.

Bait: Sport coats with pocket squares and a camera guy snapping pics to document the celebration.

Most of the night was spent entertaining our guest and other bystanders. The "2" we shared FRIENDly drinks and small talk while the OTHER women we danced and partied with.

RESULT: the "2" that we treated as just friends accompanied us to the house for chocolate cake and red wine. I'm not sure what she told her man when she got back to the house at 10 the next morning????

I was turned on by other guys hitting on her and bought her drinks.

Maybe you don't like the fact that I took time to spell it out but the steps work.

Anonymous said...

I dont' agree with this post. The basic principle is to have and act as if you are of high value. Just having this belief will make you act in a way that attracts women. No need to manipulate or play silly games. Actually, all of these games are trying to project "high value/high status" in an artificial way. Examples: making her jealous by showing that you can attract other females, act high value by showing indiffrence to her and that you do not need her validation.

The Chairman said...

MS. Anonymous, you are totally right I should not have posted this blog and put it into 3 steps. From now I will follow your 3 suggestions...
1. Act of high class/status
2. Attract other women
3. Act indifferent to her prescense

Thanks for the insight and rewording what I wrote.