Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Gene made a comment in a previous post about people getting by on their looks and not their talent. She apologized for it here. Check out the above video.

Postive Comment: Damn she's fine!

Maia Campbell Cracked Out???

Remember how tight Maia Campbell was when she was on "In The House," and how she was every dude's wet dream? Well at least mine... She was also the leading lady in Tyrese's "Sweet Lady" video... but lately things haven't been going so well for her. Last week she was arrested for driving with a suspended license and for possession of drug paraphranalia.

I didn't know this, but according to tvguide.com, she was fired from "In the House" due to her drug addiction.

There are naked pics of her all over the internet, and she looks pretty cracked out. You can check out the pic here.

Not only that, but her apparently pretty famous mother, author Bebe Moore Campbell, just died November 27 from brain cancer and has been quoted as saying that one of her children has a mental illness (Supposedly Maia). I've read some blogs from people who are saying all kinds of nasty shit about her, but she obviously needs some help. Apparently, her behavior has been erratic and rumor has it that she is possibly bipolar.

Never woulda thunk it... damn shame.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Taye Diggs: Sellout or "Grown Ass Man"?

Taye Diggs was asked what he thought about Black women who were disappointed that he didn't marry a Black women In Rolling Out Magazine to which he responded:

“I’m too far along in my life and in my career to really give a question like that any type of dignified answer,” says Diggs, who was raised in black, middle-class Rochester, N.Y. “When I was in high school, maybe. College, maybe. But I’m a grown-ass man and if people have a difficult time dealing with that, then I welcome them to see a movie with Omar Epps or Denzel Washington or some of those other brothers that have chosen to spend the rest of their lives with sisters."

I dunno. I'm on the fence about this one. I usually don't give a damn about interracial dating and all that. So I don't know if I have any beef with him over his personal life decisions moreso than I do over his horrible acting abilities, but do black women have a valid reason to be mad at him?

One thing I DO disagree with him over was his choice to NOT DATE BLACK WOMEN AT ALL, putting all black women in a box and saying he doesn't like their attitudes. That's pretty bold for a dude that initially built his career in "black" movies and building a loyal fan base of black women. Black women spending money to see Stella..., The Wood, and The Best Man etc. is why he is where he is today.

Am I wrong???

Ignorance: Damn he coulda at least got a hot white chick...

What's Beef?

50 v. Game? Nah... Jay-Z v. Everybody in Rap? Nope!

Fuck rap beef! Rosie O'Donnell v. The Donald just made the cut to having the best beef of '06. The lines in this thing are priceless! Wow!

He was wrong but damn! She got roasted...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Jay-Z Goes Environmental...

"Do them sh*ts even got leather???"

Hip Hop Ain't Dead...

But it did get its ass kicked...

Why has rap become super negative and aggressive? Why can all rap lines from popular rap songs be placed in one of the following categories: Cars, Money, Sex, Alcohol, Drugs and Violence. Before the typical rap song is halfway finished, my life has already been threatened 7, 8 times and whoever's rapping has alread flipped 4 or 5 bricks. Subject matter in hip hop/rap is extremely limited.

To make things worse, I was checking out somebody else's blog yesterday and there's actually a popular song out called "Do the Heisman on that Ho"... The dance culminates with the chanting about "if your bitch acts up, do the Heisman on that Ho" all while... you guessed it... striking the the Heisman pose... Let's add coonery to the above list, shall we?

When did this shift occur? I remember my first tape was De La Soul's "3 Feet High and Rising" in 1990. This album was considered a classic by The Source (which at the time was THE rap Bible) and the hip hop community as a whole. Their music was about peace and just having fun. I think their single "Buddy" was as close as you would get to talking about "bitches."

Fast forward to 1998 and beyond and you have rappers like DMX talking about dumping your body in a pond and it being found by "some old man fishing"...Arf! Arf! Just yesterday I heard a 50 Cent song talking about how his slugs will rip your body apart. And this dude lives in suburban Connecticut.

If the cats in the above video are over 20, they were probably saying "Fight the Power" right along with Public Enemy or "Can I Kick It" with A Tribe Called Quest back in the day. Now everybody has a "40 Cal" on 'em.

Things change...true. But when did it become cool to be destructive to yourself and your community? Why has this trend not ended? Will it? I refuse to believe that with all the subjects that comprises life, we in the hip hop world are confined to a destructive box.

If artist like Little Brother can rap about real life issues like growing up fatherless and not making the same mistakes with their children, or Jay-Z can rap about Hurrican Katrina (better late than never) or Nas can put on a bad Sherlock Holmes imitation and play detective as to who killed hip hop, why does 50 Cent have to continuously sing about killing more people than George Bush, or Jeezy have to flip coke over an entire album?

But fuck it! I'm no better than these guys I suppose. I bought Jeezy's album. I guess I'm part of the reason.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Former Miss USA Kenya Moore Pissed Off About Miss USA "Slap On the Wrist"

1993 Miss USA Kenya Moore says:

“What the crown stands for is a woman who holds a certain moral standard, who is an inspiration to young girls, who is a role model. Why give her this chance at this stage? Perhaps let her build her life and redeem herself on her own."

The fact that Vanessa Williams was dethroned as Miss America 1984 and that the current Miss USA runner up is an African-American, Miss California Tamiko Nash, Moore doesn’t dance around the racial connotations the decision may have.

"It’s unfortunate because we still live in America. We still live in a racially [divided] climate, she said. “When Vanessa [Williams] went through certain things in her life and it was found out during her reign, she was dealt a very severe hand. So now you have this blonde, blue-eyed girl who has done, a very scandalous, even illegal thing, yet she gets a slap on the wrist. I’m all for somebody being given a second chance, no one is perfect. But why is it you can’t be a good role model for 365 days? And if you don’t draw the line at illegal activity, where do you draw the line?”

Ignorance: Damn! Look at Kenya's ass!