Thursday, December 21, 2006

Former Miss USA Kenya Moore Pissed Off About Miss USA "Slap On the Wrist"

1993 Miss USA Kenya Moore says:

“What the crown stands for is a woman who holds a certain moral standard, who is an inspiration to young girls, who is a role model. Why give her this chance at this stage? Perhaps let her build her life and redeem herself on her own."

The fact that Vanessa Williams was dethroned as Miss America 1984 and that the current Miss USA runner up is an African-American, Miss California Tamiko Nash, Moore doesn’t dance around the racial connotations the decision may have.

"It’s unfortunate because we still live in America. We still live in a racially [divided] climate, she said. “When Vanessa [Williams] went through certain things in her life and it was found out during her reign, she was dealt a very severe hand. So now you have this blonde, blue-eyed girl who has done, a very scandalous, even illegal thing, yet she gets a slap on the wrist. I’m all for somebody being given a second chance, no one is perfect. But why is it you can’t be a good role model for 365 days? And if you don’t draw the line at illegal activity, where do you draw the line?”

Ignorance: Damn! Look at Kenya's ass!


K.B. said...

LOL! Thanks for adding the ignorance to the intelligence at the top of the post. Question: What did Miss USA do?

Brandon said...

The chick that JUST won Miss USA was caught being a drunkard in bars (and she's not 21 yet). Also, there were reports of her tonguing down Miss Teen USA. Miss Teen USA recently had to give up her crown after the reports surfaced. If I'm not mistaken, Miss Teen was black.

So Donald trump decided to give her a second chance and now she is in rehab! Miss USA is in Rehab!!! Had that been Chiquana, would he have done the same???

Matthew said...

Nah. Miss Teen USA is from Montana. Definitely not black. Miss California USA, who is the first Runner-up is black though. When it's all said and done though, Donald Trump wants a publicity stunt. No one ever really cares who Miss USA is or what she does.

Besides, Miss America never really recovered from dogging Vanessa Williams. It's struggling, no longer in Atlantic City, has poor sponsorship, airs on TNN in the middle of winter...and Vanessa, well has awards galore, Broadway creds, Movie creds, Billboard Number One songs, and (unlike most Miss Americas) is as beautiful now as she was in 1983 when she won.

Miss America still has the ish face. They tried to use one of Vanessa's songs in a later pageant and she politely told them no.

Brandon said...

Yeah... you're probably right. He's doing it for pub, just like he's pushing that Rosie O'Donnell beef. Either that or he's trying to have sex with her [Miss USA]. That's the only way I can rationalize letting an underage drinker further tarnish your brand. Either way, it's wrong.

Pageants are fake anyways. What person REALLY has a clean enough closet to uphold those standards. Sure people have done it in the past because their skeletons never came to light; but that still doesn't mean they didn't have 'em.

The Chairman aka Mr. Smith said...

Is the double standard wrong? Yes!! You can't win a game if you don't the rules.

Rule #1: Black people have your stuff tight or we will still lynch your ass!!

I'm not mad, I am mad that we are acting shocked that this happened.