Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Gene made a comment in a previous post about people getting by on their looks and not their talent. She apologized for it here. Check out the above video.

Postive Comment: Damn she's fine!


Gene said...

The funniest thing about the article where she apologized is how they implied they "let" Cassie keep singing by not talking about her as much as they could! COLD!!!

You know, man. I can't even hate. We're overly visual, so that's what we're fed. We don't care if something is actually good. We just want it to LOOK good. So we're fed Cassie ... and Ashanti sans sideburns.

Brandon said...

True... but there's still some idealistic part of me that thinks that some shred of talent is necessary to be successful in music. As you can see, Cassie really hasn't had another hit after she was exposed.

And come on...outside of her Abe Lincoln sideburns, Ashanti isn't that bad. She's decent. Even Mary J. Blige sucked when she FIRST came out, now she's the standard.

In regards to this video, my favorite part is how she got hype when Young Joc came out to save her, as if he is any better as a credible artist. Peep how she randomly does a half ass motor bike dance out of excitement when he hits the stage. FUUUUUN-TY!

Gene said...

LMAO at Brandon!!

She was serisouly exhaling and wiping her forehead when he came out!

Well SOME talent is necessary these days ... but its all in the production.

The Chairman aka Mr. Smith said...

Sex Sells and Pays well too. Studies have been done that show that attractive people get paid more than those that were shorted in the gene pool.

Since moving to Miami I have realized that you can buy anything including looks. So maybe instead of singing lesson you should opt for that ass implant.

evIdenCE of truth said...

Dang... that was terrible.

I didn't realize she looked that good, though.

I don't remember Mary J. Blige ever being that terrible. Mattafact, I remember her singing back up for Father MC and getting her shine.

Dang - I remember Father MC.

Gene said...

KB, I look at this clip about twice a month.


Brandon said...

I bought the Father MC album back in the day... before he was just Father... straight miscogeny. I'm old.