Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Maia Campbell Cracked Out???

Remember how tight Maia Campbell was when she was on "In The House," and how she was every dude's wet dream? Well at least mine... She was also the leading lady in Tyrese's "Sweet Lady" video... but lately things haven't been going so well for her. Last week she was arrested for driving with a suspended license and for possession of drug paraphranalia.

I didn't know this, but according to tvguide.com, she was fired from "In the House" due to her drug addiction.

There are naked pics of her all over the internet, and she looks pretty cracked out. You can check out the pic here.

Not only that, but her apparently pretty famous mother, author Bebe Moore Campbell, just died November 27 from brain cancer and has been quoted as saying that one of her children has a mental illness (Supposedly Maia). I've read some blogs from people who are saying all kinds of nasty shit about her, but she obviously needs some help. Apparently, her behavior has been erratic and rumor has it that she is possibly bipolar.

Never woulda thunk it... damn shame.


Gene said...

It always sucks when the tight girl's future is ... less than tight.

evIdenCE of truth said...

Yeah... that sucks.