Friday, January 26, 2007

Bill O'Reilly Gets Bitched!

In this clip, Steven Colbert from Comedy Central's The Colbert Report puts a Ricky Bobby-styled "Shake...and Bake!" on Fox News' Ultra-Conservative Bill O'Reilly.

VERY funny! Standing Ovation!


Gene said...

Colbert is the truth. He started with Bill out of the gates with that sexual harrassment joke about Jon Steward and telling Bill "You have no idea what that is like." Classic.

Brandon said...

Yes yes! My favorite part is the 30% off sticker! Apparently that wasn't even a joke. His book was really 30% off at Barnes and Noble on the first day.

Gene said...

I wish I could have heard O'Reilly's reflections on the show on his own show.