Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Education: The Power of Knowledge, Discipline, and Submission

Check out this post from A beautiful Life's blog... Good stuff.


the chairman said...

There was alot of good topics in this blog. 1st education... Growing up with a teacher for a mom I respect the profession. I do not like formal edecation I feel it has failed in teaching our kids how to think. Education often gets in the way of one's learning. These "smart" people make great grades because they have the ability and desire to memorize large amounts of information.

In the words of Edison..."Why learn mathematics when I can hire several mathematicians?"

Whose really SMARTER?

the chairman said...

2nd SUBmission... What a dirty word in our american independent society.

To truly become successful I believe you have to submit yourself to God and mentors. Using mentor's learning experience as your wisdom you can out pace anyone. The Bible says there is safety among many councilors.

MEN if you are wondering why your woman won't submit to your leadership its because she is following your lead. When you are submit to God and several mentors then you are an easy leader to follow.

A Beautiful Life said...

Thank you so much! A man who can lead and be submitted to the word of God,mentors, or family is an easy man to submit to.
I'd be cooking meals, yes boo, what need, what can I do, you want me to do what? OK, for him all day. LOL!!!!! Of course he would also love me with all of his heart, and treat me greate too.

the chairman said...

LIFE... I am kinda hungry, what you got cookin' over there? JUst a plate.