Friday, June 29, 2007

Get Money... Advertise

What's good peoples? I'm sure you have noticed the NeoSemantics banner on the side of my page. If you're wondering, NeoSemantics is a site that is designed for networking and connecting with people in your city through a variety of mediums (Publicizing events, parties, churches, blogs, etc).

Check it out if you get a chance.

If anyone is interested in advertising on your blog or webpage, email me at I will direct you to the founder of the site who will explain the payment plan. Trust, you will make more money through advertising with NeoSemantics than through Google Ads. Hit me up.

Have a good weekend folks.

Next weeks posts will be dedicated to relationships and infidelity...


Ticia said...

Hey Brandon--

I can't wait for next week!

ETS said...

Dear God -

Please be with James before he posts some nonsense ... and I am forced to comment on it nosensically.


Andrew The Asshole said...

you money grubbing whore!!!!

I knew we were friends for a reason

Andrew The Asshole said...

You should be in Miami this week... I'm taking off this whole week and I will spend it on a 34 ft boat and then the 4th my buddy with the hedge fund is coming and he has a 45ft yacht with crew.

When are you coming back?

Andrew The Asshole said...

As you can see on the time I'm just leaving the salsa club on the water bongo's for my friend's birthday. You got to love open bar.