Monday, June 4, 2007

You Think You're Smart Don't Cha? Prove It!

You'll never solve this riddle, but dammit, you can try.

...So you're in a house with two floors: an upstairs and a downstairs. Downstairs there is a light. Upstairs there are three switches. All are in the "off" position. One of those switches controls the light downstairs. The other two are dead switches that control nothing.

If you are allowed to go down stairs ONLY ONE TIME to check the status of the light bulb, what is an absolute way to determine which one of those switches controls the light downstairs?


No... you can not see the light from upstairs.

No... there's no need to turn into an electrical engineer and start re-wiring shit.

No... you can't scale the side of the house to look at the light.

No... there is no need to use mirrors.

Yes... the answer is EXTREMELY logical, and can absolutely be used in real life if you were really given this scenario. This is not a trick question riddle. There are no smoking mirrors involved.

Yes... you have to think outside the box. Imagine if you were really in this situation.

Yes... you have to go downstairs to figure out the answer

Yes... the answer actually involves manipulating the switches (i.e. flicking them in the "on/off" positions)

Yes... I really do hit the bottom.


Gene said...

I'd just turn them all on and not worry about which one it is, since I won't be messing nothing up by moving the dead switches in the up position.

JustMeWriting said...

YES...THAT'S WHAT I'D DO TOO (what gene said)

A Beautiful Life said...

Gene's response is the only solution that I can think of that makes sense.

Brandon said...

Nope... you still won't know WHICH switch controls the light. Thats the whole point.

Try again.

Andrew The Asshole said...

I won't ruin this for you since we have already spent 2 hours on the phone figuring this out.

I have the answer but I'm not telling you ASSES!!!

A Beautiful Life said...

Round two...I'd turn the first switch on and then turn it off after a few minutes, turn the second switch on, and leave the third switch off.
If light bulb is cold and off then it's the one I never turned on. If it's warm, then it's the one I turned on and off, and it will be hot if it's the one I never turned off.
You have to touch the light bulbs.

brandi said...

BRANDON!!! Can I just say you're an IDIOT for saying "Yes...I really do hit the bottom"! LOL!

"Neva let a man hit the bottom!"
-Alexyss K. Tylor

Carry on...

Gene said...

Can I just stand by the light switch and look down the stairs and see which switch makes the light comes on?

Brandon said...

Good job Life...


Who told you?


A Beautiful Life said...

What do you mean who told me? Don't you know who I am? You must not know about me. (smile)

All jokes aside, I asked my younger brother. He's into riddles, puzzles, and trivia stuff. He knew the answer before I finished asking.

mark said...

Interesting brandon. That made me think a little bit.

Lola Gets said...

Um, the riddle didnt say anything about having a ladder with which to raise oneself so that one could check the temperature of said light bulb.
*sucks teeth*
*rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

Hi i wanna know somehting, are the lights turned on or off b4 trying anything cuz how can i even see the switchers if the light is already off ....?

faith hackney said...

if the lights are off in the whole house then you should see a dim light down stares from some where but the touching the light bulbs would work in a since depending on the light bulb if its a pattern then its most likely the middle one bcuz theres one switch thats not a dud so ur pattern is more then likely dud light dud