Friday, January 25, 2008

Banned Boondocks Episode

This is a clip of the Boondocks episode that BET pushed to have banned from the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming. Watch it while it lasts. I'm sure You Tube will be taking it down soon.


Fredric said...

funniest. shite. ever.

Rell said...

that could be the greatest episode of any show -- EVER.

tweezie said...

Man! Thats how I feel about BET too! Speaking from experience...

that mess was hilarious!!!!

Anonymous said...

Watch it over on - while you can. Viacom's lawyers have already snatched it offa Youtube. There's another part you don't get to see on this preview - you can see it here: while you can.

Best part: Debra "Lee-vil" reviews new slogans for BET.

BET: Its what's on in the background.

BET: You niggas have nothing better to watch.

BET: Complain to someone that gives a f***!