Thursday, November 8, 2007

Why Are We Celebrating This Guy?

Here is Frank Lucas & Nicky Barnes on a teleconference boastfully discussing who had the best dope on the streets. Sad.

Also, Bumpy Johnson's wife has come out & said that Frank Lucas is a liar & that he & Bumpy were never that close:

93-year-old Mayme Johnson, widow of the infamous Harlem gangster Elsworth “Bumpy” Johnson and the man Lucas says was his mentor and who taught him everything he knows, is pissed about what she deems graphic inaccuracies about her husband and Lucas’ relationship. “Frank wasn’t nothing but a flunky, and one that Bumpy never did really trust. Bumpy would let Frank drive him around, but you’d better believe that he was never in any important meetings or anything. Bumpy figured Frank as a liar, and he would say you can trust a thief quicker than a liar, because a thief steals because he needs money, while a liar lies for the hell of it.” Miss Mayme is particularly upset about Lucas’ claim that Bumpy died in his arms. Lucas, she says, was nowhere around the night that Bumpy died from a heart attack while dining at the famous Wells Restaurant on Seventh Avenue in Harlem. She says Lucas probably thought he could get away with the lie because he figured everyone who was around Bumpy at the time is now dead. “Junie Byrd’s gone, Nat Pettigrew’s gone, Sonny Chance is gone, and Finley Hoskin’s gone. Frank would never have said any garbage like that if one of them were alive because he’d know they’d come after him…I bet he thought I was gone, too, but I’m not. I’m 93, and I don’t have Alzheimer’s or dementia, and I’m not senile. Frank Lucas is a damn liar and I want the world to know it.”


Andrew The Asshole said...

Ok is she telling the truth or is she coming out with a beef video?

She's to roll up on him in her motorized scooter and throw some otmeal in his face.

Ivy said...

Ha! Go 'head, Grandma! I co-sign, too. I don't know Frank - but he sounded like a liar on BET's American Gangster. All that fame going to his head in his old age!

Gene said...

Regarding the video, which I haven't see yet ... Niggas will be Niggas.

And speaking of Nicky Barnes, there is a good article about Cuba Gooding, Jr. in the new Vibe.

Regarding Mama Johnson, are we really shocked? Anytime a whole movie is based on one person's story you HAVE to know that some of it is a lie! The entire movie was based off an old interview that ran in the New Yorker. If you read the article, it is completely one man's account (i.e. BAD journalism).

Now some things about the movie are probably true. Like I'm sure there are things that NYPD can actually confirm ... the number of folks arrested, how much they got out of Lucas' off shore accounts, etc. But I believe much of this movie is a lie. Interesting story, but lies nevertheless.

And Mayme, I don't believe you. No dementia, Alzheimer's or whatever else, I still refuse to believe your mind is as sharp as you claim at 93. You need more people.

Cogdell, is there a link where you got this info?

Anonymous said...

I don't care what anyone says. These dudes are being glorified.

Brandon said...

Part of the interview w/ Mayme is here: