Thursday, November 15, 2007

Supermanning Hoes

Hip Hop culture is all about creating new slang. Over the years we've seen different words come and go. "Dynamite" evolved into "fresh" which evolved into "dope" which evolved into "tight" which evolved into "hot" and so on and so forth. We know what they mean now, but when they were first used a lot of people were in the dark in regards to their meaning.

Every year there's something new. Along with these words are also words and phrases that were sexual in nature that left folks scratching their heads.

Remember MC Brain's "Oochie Coochie La La La"? (yes, I'm old as shit) Would you believe that folks used to wonder what the hell he was talking about? Now we know that coochie is...well... coochie.

How about O.P.P.? When Naughty by Nature came on the scene with this little diddy, kids everywhere were singing along and asking everybody if they were down with O.P.P. It was on the radio and on video shows in HEAVY rotation. My mother almost had a heart attack when she found out that it meant "Other People's Pussy/Penis" and was an ode to infidelity.

Fast forward to 2003. Who could forget the old "awww skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet...aww skeet skeet hot damn!" To quote Dave Chappelle months after that song became a smash hit: "You know what the dope shit is about 'skeet skeet'? White people still don't known what it means." We now know (and a lot of us knew before this song dropped thanks to Dr. Dre) that skeet means ejaculating.

And there were tons of words and phrases between the gaps of the above observations i.e. brain, badonkadonk, etc.

Well now there's a new breed of slang that folks haven't figured out yet. One of them is the title of a smash hit that kids and parents everywhere are singing along with and dancing to at ballet classes and cub scout meetings everywhere.

That's right folks... supermanning hoes.

At first I brushed this off as mere nonsense because the rest of the song is mere nonsense. But the 16-year-old Soulja Boy has managed to slide a phrase into the main stream that soccer moms everywhere are oblivious to meaning-wise. As a matter of fact, this is probably one of the most disgusting slang words that I've heard of in a long while.

Apparently, supermanning a ho means ejactulating on a woman's back and putting and leaving a towel or bed sheet on her back while she's sleeping. After it dries, the towel/sheet will be stuck to her back, thus looking like a superman cape...

I wonder how big this song would have been if this was explained beforehand.

Golly gee... kids say the darndest things.


K.B. said...

OMG!!! Where did you find that definition!?!

I thought it meant absolutely nothing. Or, at best, thrusting a woman onto a bed in a superman-like motion.

And, where in the world did u find that picture!?! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Ok i cant lie i was totally lost when i heard the song the first 10 time and even after i read the lyrics i cant say that it changed at all. But now finding out what "Supermaning Hoes" actually means leaves me in a state of shock, somewhat. I mean that has to be the worst meaning for a slang term i've ever heard and the fact that everybody is singing it kinda leaves me wondering how the song got popular in the first place. I have to thank you for posting this because i would've been singing along with all the other ignorant people not knowing what "supermaning Hoes" ment.

Signing off

Brandon #2

Kim said...

that is just plain gross

Anonymous said...

KB, I thought you knew that was what that meant? This bit has been circulating for months.

I'm wondering what the rest of the song means like Supersoak that Ho and Robocopping.

And uh ... the sheet doesn't get stuck. I'm just saying ...

Jermel said...

Here's my question...why do you need a term to describe such a ridiculous act. If decided I wanted to pour honey in a girl's hair while she's sleep, I wouldn't think to give it a catchy phrase like "honey-dewing that hoe", but somebody thought this ridiculous act deserved its on term.

It's sad, while our kids know all about this sort of BS, they have no clue about Algebra, History, Civics, or English. Talk about having your priorities mixed up. Damn!

Andrew The Asshole said...

B you remember when I wrote the article about The Thanksgiving Club and people took offense to that, but they sing along to skeetskeet and superman hoes....

he's getting paid off supermaning hoes. We should get him to come up with a song for the thanksgiving club with a dance. What would be the dance for the wives club?

Anonymous said...

Did KB say THRUST?!

*logs off*

Ebonne said...

My mom asked my sister who is 21 on thanksgiving what superman that hoe meant... I've never seen her turn so red. It was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Supermanning has a completely different definition in iraq/afghanistan. It means going for a flight outside your helicopter on your safety harness, bit more of a rush than just emptying your nads on a sleeping girls back.