Friday, November 30, 2007

Is It Time To Consider The Other Side?

This post comes from my boy Jermel in Maryland. The hot political topic in the black community seems to be "Hilary or Obama?"; but should that conversation be "Giuliani or Romney?" Why are we loyal to the Dems? Have they taken the black vote for granted?


We’ve all heard it before. “I can’t stand them damn Republicans!” But have you ever wondered why, as black people we have such an undying devotion to the Democratic Party? Most people would point towards the civil rights movement as the beginning of this marriage. It was further solidified by the Regan administration which ushered in an era of unprecedented inequality. Next Bill Clinton was virtually adopted by black society as being a “Black President”.

I certainly understand why most of us are democrats, but I wonder…Is it time to consider the other side? Now I know what you’re thinking. “George W.” led us into an unnecessary war; his administration sued the University of Michigan for giving preference to black applicants as part of their Affirmative Action program; and the federal government’s response to Katrina was abysmal. Trust me, I understand all of that, but shouldn’t we base our political affiliation on something more concrete; say like our opinions on the issues. In particular, how we should be taxed, who should pay for individuals’ health care, how tough should judges be on violent offenders, should abortion rights be decided at the state or federal level, and what role should religion play in education, if any.

I have no problem with democrats. I’m a registered democrat myself. But I also believe in evaluating each candidate based on how I believe they will perform in office. This belief caused me to vote for a republican governor during last year’s race in Maryland, and it was the first time I’ve ever voted for a “Repo”. I’m not telling you to change your party; I just believe as black people we need to become more free-willing voters, that vote based on all the issues, not just one or two. Then and only then will our concerns be taken seriously.

What do you think?

BTW, the race or sex of a candidate should not be an issue.


Anonymous said...

Has the other side said anything that leads you to believe they are worth considering?

WNelWeb said...

Hi there.
I agree with your last paragraph and would take it a step further: instead of just black people, I'd encourage ALL citizens to become more free-willing and free-thinking voters. Don't base your vote on the party line, find out what the candidates are saying about the issues, do the research and see what they have done about what matters to you in the past and then make your vote count. I grew up surrounded by people who voted the party regardless of who was running and it never made sense to me. Nowadays, with information much more readily available than it was when I was growing up, it makes even less sense to vote party. It is not only our hard-won right, but our responsibility to take an informed interest in who governs us.

OK, enough soapbox.

Jermel said...

This is Jermel answering Anonymous's question...As far as the presidential race, the other side has not impressed me. However, I will still be paying close attention to what they and the democrats are saying up until election day.

Andrew The Asshole said...

The parties say the same thing, but just marketed differently. Dems cater to poor to mid-class and Rep cater to the upper mid class to wealthly. At the end of the day the same people are writing the checks so the end result is going to be same. No matter how many Dems you put in the office rich people aren't paying for your health or paying taxes. They donate money to politicians so they don't have to.

Everyone should take responsiblity for themselves and their community and stop waiting for a politician to solve your problems.