Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I haven't had a nightmare in years. How fitting that I would have one right before Halloween. I'm sure somebody out there has read a book on dreams and their meanings. Since I haven't, maybe you can enlighten me.

Last night I had a dream that I was on my way back from visiting my family in North Carolina and was travelling through the back roads of South Carolina in the middle of the night. The back roads of South Carolina are extremely rural. No lights, no gas stations, nothing. You could easily go 10 miles and only pass a couple of pastures, abandoned homes and delapidated barns.

Anyway, I'm driving down this dark road and the next thing I know I'm running on foot from a car swirving and blowing its horn at me. I'm terrified.

The car then pulls in front of me and stops. All I can see are the car's lights. The door opens...

I wake up.

I googled nightmares and running from cars and I found the above clip which is eerily similar to my nightmare.

Somebody help me out here. Help me make sense of this dream and put it in perspective.


Andrew The Asshole said...

B I think this dream is saying you should movie to MIA get your passport so we can be in between MIA and Dubai (NO TAXES!!!)

The Julius said...

Nobody seems to care about your dream thats messed up!!

Ivy said...

They say when you dream about running from something, you're trying to avoid facing some important issue/problem in your life. Maybe that will help?

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