Wednesday, August 8, 2007


...So I've got this little situation that I need some advice on.

So I have a male friend and a female friend. A few months ago when I was in DC, I hung out with my boy. While we were out I decided to kill two birds with one stone and call up my female friend to meet us for dinner because I hadn't seen her in a while.

To make a long story short, my female friend called me up a few weeks later and asked me to hook her up with my boy. I WARNED HER that he was a player and that he had a lot of women. She didn't seem to think that he would cheat on her if they got together and maybe that he just hadn't met the right one. Again I warned her. She still wanted the hook-up.

So I hooked it up...

So basically they're dating right now and I found out today that he's cheating on her CRAZY, but I don't think she has the slightest clue that he's got three or four new chicks on the side. I told him he was wrong for that, but that it was his business.

Now both of them are my good friends and I'd hate to see ol' girl get hurt. But at the same time I had already warned her. Should I do anything or are my hands clean? What if she finds out that I knew all along?

Ignorance: Never IN MY LIFE have I seen a big girl run that fast before


Andrew The Asshole said...

Ignorance: "I'd likedededed them gurls." He needs hooked on mother fuckin phonics!!!

Ok, B, now if they are your friends I'm sure they are cuddled up in bed reading your blog after he got done cheatin with one of his other women. So she should know after this post.

But its not going to matter. It is better to be abandoned by a seducer than to not be wanted by him. Sure he's wrong but she's going to stand BY her man, she likes the title. He will have to do caught many times before she would leave him. And women say they don't like sharing and would never have an open relationship.

"What you don't know, won't kill you." - The delusional girlfriend

Opinionated Diva said...

I would stay out of it. You already warned her and she STILL wanted to get with him, soooooooo...that's that.

Ticia said...

Been there done that....


Gene said...

You've done your part Brandon. You'll get some real iced out angel wings when you get to heaven, but from this point ....


I wouldn't even nod my head to even PRETEND like I'm listening when she talks about him.