Monday, August 13, 2007

Man Sues Florist for Revealing Extramarital Affair

Lawsuits these days are getting ridiculous, but does this one have some validity? I saw this one this morning on Good Morning America...

Leroy Greer, a car salesman, called and sent flowers to his girlfriend. subsequently sent a receipt to Leroy’s house. The trouble? Leroy shares his house with his wife, who thus discovered Leroy has a girlfriend.

Leroy says, at the time, he had been in the process of getting divorced, but had hoped to reconcile with this wife. Now she’s set on splitting and demanding a much larger settlement. He’s asked for $1 million from the florist. But, so far, the florist ain’t paying.

Upon hearing his story, most of us instinctually think Leroy’s a little nuts. He’s not exactly a sympathetic character, and it’s hard to imagine anyone being a “victim” because their extramarital affair was discovered.

But in fairness to poor Leroy, does appear to have made a mistake. He explicitly asked them not to send anything to his home, and they assured him that wouldn’t happen. If his account is accurate, they proffered a service – discretely delivering flowers – and they failed to deliver.

Now, pretend for a moment that those flowers were intended for a surprise Anniversary Party. Let’s say that rather than cheating on his wife, Leroy had invested countless hours and thousands of dollars planning a surprise bash celebrating her. And let’s say that by sending a receipt to their house, had ruined that surprise, undoing months of planning and leading to the loss of all that money spent on deposits, decorations, travel for friends, etc. Would Leroy deserve some sort of compensation in return?

If you think so, then you have to acknowledge Leroy’s lawsuit might not be insane after all. The morality of his behavior should be irrelevant to the responsibility the florist bears for doing what they promise.



Gene said...

1800Flowers was wrong ... but they didnt make LeRoy cheat.

The wife shouldn't be that surprised. She married a car salesman for God's sake?!

hottnikz said...

He has every right to sue. 1800flowers is a major company and every major company has some kind of disclosure procedures. It's part of training.

I don't know if his morality was at question because he and his wife were in the middle of a divorce. Is that cheating? There are some divorcing couples that still live under the same roof.

Maybe he and his wife reconciled sometime between the time he ordered the flowers and the time that the receipt came, lol. Fat chance!

Ticia said...

LOL-- I think he has the right to sue--they messed up big time--

Andrew The Asshole said...

He should ask for more than a million!!! I like how you tried to soften it with the anniversary twist!!!

1800Flowers messed they will settle out of court for far less money though