Monday, February 19, 2007


I've heard of several myths: The Lochness Monster, Unicorns, Ghoulish Sea Urchins, Mythical two-headed beasts, Black men dating black women... and Male Sororities.

Well... I can now say for sure that I have seen one of these things in my lifetime. When these dudes meet up with AKAs, there should be a misunderstanding. This shit is a disgrace...

Ignorance: No need.


Gene said...

Jesus take the wheel!!!!

beautifullife00 said...

uggghhh, The Miakas or whatever they call themselves. I went to my chapter's 60th Anniversary celebration last weekend and even Sorors from the 70s were talking about these fools. They origionated at a school in Alabama. They were a group of feminine gay males who wanted to be AKA's Ugghhh...disgusting. I think every black sorority has gay male groupies, but to go this far...
They can't even do correct ivies.

Rell said...


oh my gosh, i'm seriously just like dying right now...

Brandi said...

Do they wear 20 pearls, not 9 or 3?!?!?!

Gene said...

Deep in my heart, I believe they will grow up and look back at this and be ashamed.

Am I the only one baffled that a school could have enough gay dudes who wanted to do this to actually do it?!

the chairman said...

Brandi... Actually the things they do with pearls can't be spoken of on this blog!!!

This is the funniest shit ever.

T.C. said...

I don't think the school allowed this, just like when you have "underground" lines of other organizations...this is a HOT AZZ MESS! Terrible

Anonymous said...

Response to pictures floating around the Internet:
> >
> >My name is Carl Brown II and I am a proud member of MIAKA, Inc. and
> >have been for since Spring 2000. My lovely line – The 11 Dreams of
> >PINK and GREEN pledged 8 weeks, 6 days, 14 hours and 27 seconds
> >before we were accepted into the illustrious organization that is
> >MIAKA at Prairie View A&M University. It was such a joyous time to
> >learn about the original 16 and the other Soror Founders and to
> >finally sing "Hail, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Dear." I love Alpha Kappa
> >Alpha and always will and I wear my Pin proudly.
> >But it dismays me to see such negativity at my neophytes down in
> >Houston, TX. Why all the hate? We are here to serve our communities
> >and as black people haven't we had enough hate in our lives. My line
> >sorors and I are very active in the Houston community and we are
> >still in touch with each other. But to listen to all the disrespect
> >that you say the MIAKAs do to Alpha Kappa Alpha is craziness.
> >(Prays to Soror Founder Ethel Hedgeman Lyle for the inspiration to
> >type)….
> >Anyhow…I recently read one of these tired [censored] comments from
> >a "soror" saying that the MIAKAs would not be at the Centennial in
> >2008. Well you better believe that my chapter sorors and myself as
> >well a MIAKA sorors from around the globe will be at the Chapel on
> >Howard's campus singing the hymn and leaning on the Shield!
> >In the Spirit of AKA I pray that we can all be civil and be of
> >service to all mankind! Hate is not the answer!
> >If there is anyone who wants to get in touch with me, please email
> >me at cbrown1908_miaka@ yahoo.comAND I will respond. Be blessed and
> >an ear-piercing skeee-weee to all my MIAKA and AKA sorors!
> >Love,
> >Carl
> >A.K.A. – "The Pink Prestige" and "Ivy Prince"
> >#6 of the 11 DREAMS OF PINK AND GREEN
> >SPRING 2000
> >
> >"Imitation is the best flattery."
> >
> >FIRST of all for all you people who know NOTHING about MIAKA...the
> >majority of you AKA'S who are commenting are exactly that, AKA'S.
> >You would never refer to yourself as an AKA because you know that
> >those are English letters. 1st mistake. SECOND, if you drink from
> >the Pierian Spring and not just get your letters you would know
> >something about MIAKA. And regardless of what anyone says MIAKA'S
> >are REAL. All MIAKA'S are NOT gay. And the one's that are, clearly
> >you all can't handle the fact that they are hot. Now if the last
> >name LYLE rings a bell (which it should) you will know exactly who
> >Wade Lyle is. And NO he is not ETHEL'S husband. His name is George.
> >Lyle is the brother and owns a percentage of ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA
> >SORORITY, INC. Which is exactly why i am here today. We are just
> >like Kappa Sweethearts, Zeta Knights, and Delta Beaux's.

A Beautiful Life said...

Speechless.... If I don't have anything nice to say, I probably shouldn't say it at all. My stomach hurts. I'm bothered. This brings out
a side of me that I don't like.

Rell said...


Seriously this reminds me of when I watched Stomp the Yard. I had no insightful comments, all i could do was life!

Brandon said...

You can't have a penis and be an AKA... bottom line.

the chairman said...

To play devil advocate from a person outside of the whole frat/sorors thing. If these guys can't be AKAs then should those organization accept any nationality outside of african american? Should blacks be in organizations that have traditionally been "white"?

Brandi said...

LOL! Don't say "the things they do with pearls can't be spoken of on this blog!" Hilarious.

The sad reality is that this is just the beginning (which is where I assume they want to be- being the mother & the father of this charade- cute for them!), it will be no time before we see the Delta Dreamboys, Delta Sigma Thugs, or Delta Divos. Just wait.

But looking at the flip side, is there really a difference between these MIKASAs or MIAKAs or whatever they call themselves and other boo boo auxiliary groups (Alpha Angels, Omega Pearls, Kappa Sweethearts)???

Brandon said...

Damn right there's a difference, B. The groups that you mentioned are actually recognized by their sponsoring orgs an are "given permission" to be affiliated.

These cats just want to be AKAs apparently. And I've definately heard about dudes that want to be down with DST. Please don't let that happen, B! Pleaase!

Rell said...


I had to laugh at this one more time, my god, that is hilarious.

4EverJennayNay said...

Yea. I saw this on FB too and my jaw hit the ground. It was on a few gossip sites as well.

But their masks were hot, though.

I know Knights, Beauxs and Rhomeos were auxilary groups to Zeta, Delta and SGRho respectively. I can't speak for ZphiB or DST's former auxilaries but Rhomeos were the husbands and male friends of sorority members. They weren't trying to be members of the org. They have changed their name and are now an independent, incorporated fraternal order.

You can't be in any of these sororities if you have a penis. There are organizations for that. You can't compare situations like this to race and ethnicity because there are members of various races of each organization.

Karolyna said...


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