Friday, February 16, 2007

Public Break-Up on Valentine's Day at UNC...

This is why I miss undergrad at UNC. Wild stuff like this used to happen all the time in the Pit.

So let me set this up... This guy named Ryan Burke found out a few weeks ago that his girlfriend at NC State had cheated on him. To retaliate, he decided to break up with her in front of the ENTIRE Carolina campus community on Valentine's Day.

She thought that he was going to publicly sing to her to show his love for her... and to possibly take their relationship to the next level. This cat even went as far as to make a facebook event publicizing it to UNC Students--to which I actually received an invitation. Supposedly, over 2,000 people showed up.

This is some real Jerry Springer shit. I'm both digusted and inspired. Damn I miss UNC.

Ignorance: He could've been a little more prepared tho. He had two weeks to think of some shit to say. He just kept saying "I'm so f***ing serious." You can't let your opponent get a word in if you plan to win an argument. Verbal war is still war! Two to the body, one to the head... two to the body, one to the head. Ultimately, I think she was the one "stylin' on 'em."


Apoetik said...

Good stuff you've got going on here. Keep it up!

the chairman said...

I thought that it was pretty creative. He could have taken it a step further. Knowing that she would probably call him gay, he should have had a sex tape in his pocket and respond with..."That not what you were saying the other night that I recorder!!" Or he could have followed up the choir with one of the break up classics from justin timberlake or maybe some r kelly down low music.

Thats what you give a trifflin girlfriend for V-Day!! I'm so inspired.

Gene said...

He was wack for not having an AMAZING one liner shutting her down or a monologue that would have made her look like garbage. She won the verbal war ... if you can say anyone won.

T.C. said...

Totally makes the unbelievable list...LMAO!