Friday, March 14, 2008

Black Murders White

This post was allegedly left by a UNC Student on a University message board in the aftermath of the Eve Carson murder...

Re: Sub-Human Nigger scum senselessly murders UNC Student President, Eve Carson

I was just about to post the same thing. Let the animals burn and send them the fuck
away from our campus. Fuck all of them. Fuck affirmative action, letting in unqualified illiterate nigger gangsters when those spots should go to more qualified white and fuck it, even asian or indian or whatever kids. Fuck the black thugs posted up in the pit every day, blotting out the fucking sun with their darkness. Fuck the self important black greeks, we dont give a fuck about your shitty ass tacky jackets or fake nicknames.

Fuck the loud mouthed fat ass black girls, they never shut up in the dining halls and
student U, in the name of Hinton James get the FUCK off of our campus. Fuck the blacks infesting carrboro, I know it was one of them who took Eve, I swear to god if I had anything to do about it Robert E. Lee would have won and they would still be picking our cotton. Fuck the school administrators who tolerate them, fuck everything, fuck everyone who wasn´t there but should have been. And most of all, FUCK the nigger who killed Eve for a fucking ATM card. FUCK YOU. I pray that you hang from Davey Poplar tonight.


I can't really say that I'm surprised or even that I'm angry. Why should I be? In the wake of tragedies where a Black person senselessly murders a white person these sentiments are expected, and to a great degree, understandable. It's human nature to identify and empathize with "your own" while chastising those responsible, even if that means lumping everyone together that resembles the offenders. It's a coping mechanism. Being an alum of UNC, I can attest that these occurrences are magnified on college campuses, as they are, more or less, a 50-acre microcosm of America.

We all do it. When Amadou Diallo was shot in New York in 1999 there was a huge backlash against White people within the Black community with continued charges of institutionalized racial violence. Protests took place on college campuses across the country, polarizing the races. When September 11 happened in 2001, the Muslim-American community suffered increased levels of racial intolerance and hate crimes. The murder of Eve Carson will be no different. One group will take it out on another as a way to make sense of the incident and to cope with the loss.

The saddest part of all this is that the bastards responsible for killing Eve, among others, have managed to further widen the racial divide in America with the simple flick of their index finger in the direction of a trigger. That insignificant reflexive action on the part of a 17-year-old will undoubtedly cause some idealistic students that thought they were above issues of race to question their decision to vote for Obama in the NC Primary in May. The pull of that trigger will further justify to women, Black or White, why they should clutch their purses a little tighter when I walk by them. Consequences.

Why are our Black youth so prone to violence? When I heard that Eve was shot and her car stolen, there was no question in my mind that it was a Black male. Typically most random acts of violence by gun fire involve Black males. There's a serious problem within the Black family structure in poor neighborhoods that cause these kids to turn to violence. Do they not receive enough love at home? Are the economic situations so bad that they have no other alternatives to survive?

I reject the notion that these kids have no other options. I grew up with only my mother present in an environment that contained the same pitfalls that many of our youth fall into. I could have easily used my mind to become a respected drug dealer as many of my friends and peers had. The only difference is that my mother made it her duty to point me in a positive direction. Many of those kids that I grew up with are dead behind senseless acts of violence. I have to believe that with the right influences in their lives, and the right parenting in place, that self-destructive behavior can be eradicated in many (if not all) instances.

I really feel for the family of Eve Carson. I also feel for the family of Latrese Curtis who was a North Carolina Central student who was found slain on the side of I-540 in Durham on January 31 of this year (an incident that didn't get national coverage). She was discovered as motorists made their way to work in the early morning hours. I feel for the family Abijhit Majato, a Duke grad student who was allegedly murdered back in early January by one of the men responsible for Eve's death. This story, also, did not receive national coverage.

There are hundreds of Eve Carsons whose stories deserve attention. And there are hundreds of problems that need to be addressed to stop these stories from happening. It's just a shame that the actions and dysfunctional nature of a few always tend to cause greater problems for the masses. And it's a shame that race is always at the center.

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Jermel said...

When did our communities become so bad that youngsters feel the only way to survive is by taking the lives from innocent people for a few dollars? Black people in America have on the whole always had it rough but we never had violence like this. What happened to us leaning on each other when times were hard? There is a serious problem in our community with our youth not valuing life; not others and not even their own. Until this problem is resolved, I'm afraid the future of our communities looks bleek.