Monday, March 3, 2008


So imagine that you're in a club in 2008. You're on the dance floor doing your thing and then all of a sudden this breaks out...

Would you think to yourself, "Damn those dudes can really dance?" or would you think "Did these dudes really get together and come up with aerobic dance moves at home before coming out here?"

Looking at this scene from House Party it seems pretty silly and unrealistic that folks would put this much effort into coming up with complex dance moves for a house party, but back in the 90's this was the thing to do.

I remember getting together with my cousins and friends at age 9 and practicing the Roger Rabbit, the Running Man (aka the MC Hammer), and the Kid 'N Play. Those were the fun days. I miss those days. I mean they were tiring as hell, but at least they kept you in shape.

Today there's no effort in dance moves. The snap movement was probably the laziest dance craze in history. The Shoulder Lean is literally a dance where you "lean your shoulder" and with the Lean Back you...lean back.

What happened to the days where you had to have your inhaler ready-to-go if you decided you were going to go out to the club? Why do girls that go into clubs with fresh perms these days leave out with fresh perms? Why don't you see people jumping over their own legs like they used to do in the "I Got The Power" video? What the f*%#???

Even still, if I ever see two random people doing sychronized dance moves in a club, I will hate.

This guy right here though?... He gets my respect...

Let's bring the Typewriter back. Who's with me?


K.B. said...

1) LOL @ at this post

2) Dang... that was Jody's mama...

Jermel said...

Remember back in the day when being a rapper was about getting people to party. Now every other MC raps about how they don't dance or they just two-step because they have a gun on them.