Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Him Downstairs...

I pulled this clip from Rell's blog. The title of this post comes from Bernie Mac's "Kings of Comedy" routine, where he talks about his feminine nephew going downstairs for some "milk and cookies."

All jokes aside though, most people would look at this clip and say that this kid is homosexual, or will be. If this kid does in fact grow up to be homosexual, the big question would be whether or not this was a natural occurrence, or is he simply a product of learned behavior? Was he born this way, or did his environment overly expose him to feminine experiences and tendancies?

There are good arguments on both sides, and science has done little to prove or disprove either theory.

Either way, this question is one that stirs a lot of controversy.


the chairman said...

There is No doubt that the kid is on his way to being a homo...But how he gets there is the debate. I don't believe he was born that way.

1. No father figure around and mainly grows up around women.

2. Has male figures around that are gay.

3. Has young friends that act the same way. (You are who you hang out with)

Children are extremely impressionable. We learn everything from who we associate with. If you take a look at your 5 closest friends you will probably have similar income, sexual preferences, taste in music, and etc.

K.B. said...

I saw this clip a few days ago. I also saw commentary on the clip from someone claiming to know the child. They said that his family is outraged that this clip is even on the net and is suing the daycare responsible. Yes, a daycare is responsible.

The family is also upset with all the assumptions that have been made about the boy and his upbringing. The boy has a father that is very involved in his life.

Just some things I read somewhere.

the chairman said...

I would sue that daycare for that shit!! He's learning to act that way around his "friends" at the daycare. Growing up we have all done things that we hide from our parents. For this little boy switching his hips is his little secret.

beautifullife00 said...

From my personal beliefs......
I don't believe that what they do is any worse than premarital sex between heterosexuals. It's all sin. However I do feel that God made man (Adam). God made Eve from Adam's rib. That is he took her out of Adam. At that point God took all the woman out of man and there shouldn't be any left in him. I do feel that it is wrong to label this kid. What if he isn't gay, but thinks he is or that he might as well be.

the chairman said...

LIFE: your totally right sin is sin and premarital sex is wrong regardless of whether its hetro or homo.

Someone left the extra rib in that boy.

You are what you think you are. If he believes he is gay it will probably manifest physically at some point

andrew the asshole said...

Chairman "manifest in the physical at some point"

That point has come (no pun intended) and gone

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