Friday, September 5, 2008

Jon Stewart Should Be One Of Obama's Advisors

Why is the Obama campaign not using these obvious points in their campaign ads??? Cut the "high road" shit and call these folks out with their own hypocrisy--in their own words, no less! Dems...get some balls and actually try to win this election.


K.B. said...

He doesn't have to do anything... He raised $10 million within 24 hours of the conclusion of her speech at the RNC... It is a one day record for his campaign...

It was like people saw her speak and said, "Oh, H--- NAW!!!"

Brandon said...

That may be true, but she has solidified the Republican Party and is quickly gained popularity, is drawing big crowds, and is gaining more supporters than John McCain had before she joined the ticket.

They need to discredit her fast. There's less than 60 days left before the election.