Saturday, August 23, 2008

This Is My Sh** Right Now

This is Paper Planes by Brit artist M.I.A. The song is mad catchy (especially the hook) and comes from the Pineapple Express soundtrack. Yesterday I heard the remix with Jim Jones, and today I heard a new track by T.I. featuring Jay-Z, Kanye, and Wayne called Swagger Like Us that uses a vocal sample from this song. She also has some cuts produced by Timbaland.

Hmm... a British artist that is hip-hop-influenced and is being embraced by hip-hop heavyweights. Are we looking at the next Amy Winehouse? For her sake, I hope not.


Jermel said...

I'm telling you man, we need to take a trip across the pond to see what the Brits talking bout.

Few Redeeming Qualities.... said...

i had slept on this one, but i was at a club in hollywood last weekend and they played this and the dance floor swelled with chicks. she is onto something