Thursday, May 22, 2008

Free R. Kelly

As you know, the R. Kelly trial has finally begun after almost six years. Yesterday, the prosecution played the tape of Kelly allegedly getting his 13-year-old on, followed by testimonies from one of the girl's former friends, the girl's aunt, and Kelly's former artist, singer Sparkle.

All three positively identified Kelly and the girl. The former friend even went on to tell how they met Kelly when they were both 12 through her father at a local gym and how they would go over to his house to hang out.

The former friend also positively identified the distinctive log cabin-styled sauna where the tape was filmed and which was also featured on MTV's cribs and a BET program.

After this evidence was presented, the defense countered that the video could have been altered to add Kelly's head to the body on the video.

For some strange reason I believe 'em... and I'm OK with that. Would the man that made "Sex In The Kitchen" and "Real Talk" be capable of this level of sexual deviance and misjudgement? I think not.



Carah H. said...

I'm so sick of this case. Getting down with a minor is so not cool, nasty and hell -- illegal. But, come on now: it's so rampant.

Back in high school, I remember that most of the 'cool' girls dated older guys (18+)... and some grown @ss men. It wasn't even that big of a deal. And the girls would throw it at them. They wouldn't back down and wouldn't take 'no' for an answer from the older set.

I know of some cases where if the guy had money , girls would lie about their age and be ON IT.

Whether or not the King of R&B gets locked up, people are going to continue to do it. By no means am I justifying having sex with a minor. But in extreme situations where both parties are willing and consenting (don't forget the Genarlow Wilson case, too), let it slide. There are much bigger fish to fry -- like our overcrowded schools, poverty, inner city crime and these gas prices. Let's use our tax dollars on more important ish.

Rell said...

"hang that nigga, I got the rope right chere" - uncle ruckus

The R said...

For starters, I'm amazed he's been able to elude the court for this long. I'm trying to figure that out?

This case just has O.J. 2008 written all over it. You don't really want to believe that the man did it, but deep down you know he probably did. And like O.J., I can see some twist of the law, or of eveidence, and R. Kelly pied piping himself right out of prison via an acquittal.