Tuesday, April 29, 2008


My thoughts on the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy. Are we watching the end of an historical campaign?

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Jermel said...

This is exactly why I believe a person's religious beliefs should be kept separate from their political beliefs. If that was the norm, Rev. Wright wouldn't concern anyone, but because so many politicians use their religion as one of their calling cards, the media holds them accoutable for actions by their religious institutions and leaders.

Hopefully, Obama can weather this storm. I think the problem is many black leaders are rushing to defend Wright and his statements, and in turn this creates more debate that really has nothing to do with Obama, but has a negative impact on his campaign.

I grew up in a United Church of Christ church which is the same denomination as Obama's church. I know for a fact there are different factions within this denomination, as there was push to accept churches with openly gay congreations in the recent past. If one denomination can have such different viewpoints within it, why is not practical to think Obama has different viewpoints than his pastor.