Tuesday, December 18, 2007

LIL' Bow Wow Is A G?

When did Lil' Bow Wow decide he was gonna be hard? He still makes music for 13-year-olds, right?

Anyway, in this clip Bow Wow flips on journalist Toure' for disrespecting him and singer Omarion during an interview. I can't blame him for standing up for himself in what appears to be a botched joke, but it's funny to me to see dude act like he's about to go to a Walgreens parking lot to pick up some heat for Toure'...as he hides behind one of his lackies and tells his bodyguards to "handle that."

He's ....so....Hoooood...



Gene said...

1) James, you're late. Bow Wow has been trying to convince us that he's a thug for at least 5 years now. Get with the program and show some respect.

2) Yes he makes music fro 13-year-olds, but grown folks (who want to be 13) like him too. Recognize.

3) The chapter actually did a service project in Spring 2002 where Toure was a panelist. He seemed real cool then. Now he's like the 106 & Park version of a music journalist. Before he blew up I thought he would have something to say. But dude's pretty much a grown Terrence J, if you ask me.

4) Bow Wow should be able to take a joke. Toure shouldn't have come at him like that. But that joint was funny nevertheless. I imagine Toure got a serious kick out of seeing how mad Bow Wow got. I would have. And what was all the "handle that" business about?! What was dude going to do? HIT Toure? Come on man. You're a celebrity. If you heard what some folks are REALLY saying about you, you'd probably have a heart attack.

Anonymous said...

T(eenie Weenie). I.

Ebonne said...

I said the same damn thing when I saw this video... first of all Toure is a prick.. I have never liked him... and he only tried them because he knows they werent "G's" he would have never disrespected anyone else like that...

that was funny though when Bow started calling on his body guard...lol

Anonymous said...

"he only tried them because he knows they werent "G's" he would have never disrespected anyone else like that..."

Never thought about that. But it's true. He would have never said this to someone who had some power over his career or who he was actually scared of. Sounds like Toure didn't want to do the interview and was forced to do it. That seems like something the old Toure - the important music journalist - would have said/done. But now that that fool works for BET, he can't front like he's above ANYTHING.

Ebonne said...

hey... I see you have a pic of Dr. Cornel West in your sidebar... do you by any chance have his album... I'm trying to get feedback on it on my music blog but havent heard of anyone who has it

Anonymous said...

The back story to BowWowgate.


Andrew The Asshole said...

He's been trying to do the whole "thug" thing since he changed his name. Iced out teeth big chain. But he lost his girl to 50 Cent. He grew up a pop star, you ain't thuggin'. But then again its just entertainment and he's acting, right?

The interview was so bad but I thought it was one of those hidden camera shows.

brandon said...

Nah Ebonne. I don't have any of his albums, but you can listen to clips of his latest album here


C. said...

Not that I'm the boy's publicist, but Bow Wow wasn't trying to be arrested for assault. And he damn sure wasn't trying to be sued -- paying unnecessary $$$ in order to prove his supposed gangsta. And hell, has anyone thought about this: he PAYING those bodyguards, so sh*t, let them DO what they're getting paid to do in the first place.

The general public salivates at seeing a celeb act out in public for the 'bored-at-work'/'nothing-better-to-do' pleasure of crucifying somebody in the tabloids (or blogs). Get a hobby.

Lastly, put yourself in Bow Wow's position. If you were 20ish, in the rap game, wouldn't you want some respect, too? The only way to attempt to earn that is to act like a thug -- even if that totally wasn't your upbringing.

>shoulder shrug<

So y'all leave him alone.

-- Carah a.k.a Bow Wow's International Fan Club President J/K

Anonymous said...

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