Thursday, September 6, 2007

On My Radar: Janelle Monae

People that know me know that I like "different" music. I mean every now and again I'll listen to mindless music ("Man dat dance wuh uuuuu-gly" ala Souljah Boy), but for the most part I like to find the overlooked gems that escapes the masses. Well folks, I think I found another one.

This chick has an amazing voice. She is from Kanas City, is signed to Big Boi of OutKast's Purple Ribbon Label and was featured heavily on the group's Idlewild soundtrack. The best description of her would be an exceptional vocalist with a classically trained voice/Andre 3000 with a vagina. You'll have to listen to her music to really understand.

In any case, her new album/EP "Metropolis Suite I of IV: The Chase" just dropped about a week ago and I'm really feelin it. You probably won't find her music at your local music store, but it's worth the online purchase.

Below are four samples/styles of her music. Enjoy.


Daniele said...

I just got into this recently myself - love her originality. And I do agree with your Andre 3000 w/vagina comparison, lol. That is the best way to describe her sound.

(Glad I'm not the only one who appreciates "different" music!)

Gene said...

Janelle is the truth. First heard about her when I lived in KC.

She's actually a part of a music collective that includes Jovian's brother in ATL.

I used to jam to her track Letting Go. Took me back to Michael Jackson circa 1979.

Ivy said...

That Sincerely, Jane. is hot! Not sure about the outerspace themes on the other records - Andre knows he's needs to bring it back to Earth, too - but her voice is fabulous!