Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Big City, Bright Lights... Help Me, Yo!

Dear Intelligent and...Not-so Intelligent Readers:

Your boy will be going to Las Vegas for the weekend. I'm going to cut to the chase: I want to win money!

I'm sure that someone out there has been to Vegas and has some tips for the kid on what games to play and tips on winning big. So to any and all Intelligent Ignorance readers that can put me onto some game, please drop some knowledge on me.

In addition, please share any suggestions on sites, clubs, corners, curbs, bathroom stalls etc. that I ABSOLUTELY have to visit while I'm there.

Your suggestions and comments will be greatly appreciated (or despised if I come home broke...don't do that to me).




JustMeWriting said...

dag, I'd say 'DON'T DO IT'...LOL, I'm not a gambler, so that's the only help I can give...I'm to broke to even attempt to make money...LOL. But have fun...I plan on going the end of this year myself.

Gene said...

Did you say bathroom stalls?!

*shaking my head*

You and TJ need to take a picture in front of the Sphinx and pyramid ... and the Bellagio water show. That's tight. But I have no gambling tips. I'm too cheap. I hate losing pennies.

Gene said...

*off topic*

B -
Read this nonsense:


Andrew The Asshole said...

I recomend you go to the lovely adult establishment called, "Club Paradise" and see a young mixed dancer (italian, spanish and arab)named Cinnamon and tell her to....

****Shake that ASS*********

Anonymous said...

Doc, I LOVE Vegas! I try to go once or twice a year. I dont' really gamble though. The time I put a toe in the water though, it was roulette. Remember Wesley Snipes in "Passenger 57?" "Always bet on the black!"

It's about the bright lights, the fountains, the people watching, the inexpensive grub and all that has been built with losers money to me.

I HIGHLY recommend the Grand Lux Cafe as a grub spot. It's located in the Venitian and is my favorite restaurant on the planet! If you go, don't leave without sipping the strawbery lemonade (not much of a drinker either) and definitely, definitely definitely the Buffalo Chicken Rolls (appetizer).

Have fun bruh. May be there at the end of June myself!

Andrew The Asshole said...

welcome back!!!!!!!! you are probably riding the plane, but you have been tagged so get to writing B - Rock

Opinionated Diva said...

I'm probably one of the few people that go to Vegas, just for the spa and shopping. :-)

If you're interested in a good spa experience, try the spa at MGM. It's just fabulous!